Celebrating Milestones, Achievement and Mission


Saying thank you to your employees and clients makes good business sense.

In most areas of life, it’s commonplace to say “Thank You” and acknowledge the help and support we receive from others on a daily basis. It is common courtesy and second nature for most of us to say “Thank You” at home, school, in a store or at a restaurant when a kind deed is done. But often in the hustle of the competitive business world, we take people for granted and fail to verbalize our appreciation for the hard work of our fellow associates.

However, research shows that having a workplace culture of gratitude improves productivity, innovation, collaboration, absenteeism and even physical and mental health. When people feel supported and appreciated, their tendency is to “Pay It Forward”, or assist others within the organization. And when clients are shown sincere appreciation, they tend to stay committed to you as well. Creating a culture of gratitude in the workplace is smart business that directly affects your bottom line.

We’ve compiled a series of real life examples of corporate gratitude in action and hope you find them inspiring and useful in developing your own company’s culture.