2017 ARIA Amplify New Year Celebration had over 1,700 attendees, A Luxurious New Year Gala held annually to celebrate their invited Casino Guests. The theme was Rock and Roll. ARIA wanted to make a lasting impact on their Casino Guests and their invited guests. They had also wanted to showcase the hotel/casino and their hardworking Executives/Hosts while still maintaining the Rock and Roll theme of the event.


“I have worked with Sky High Marketing on a multitude of events. They have been so easy to reach and very accommodating when considering in hand due dates,” our client said. “We needed 1,500 flasks rushed to us with engravings. Tanya Busse and Ryan Stob were amazing in getting us a sample the very next day to be able to make an informed decision with them as a vendor. After approval the payment process went through without a hiccup. Only a mere 4 days later our shipment of flasks arrived. We had used the flasks for a "Russian Roulette Ice Sculpture Brick Wall" The wall had, "Hit me with your best shot" engraved on the side. The Ice Sculpture Brick Wall had pockets shaved into each brick where we housed our ARIA Amplify Flasks from Sky High Marketing with randomized shots/cocktails in each flask.”

  The wall was a huge success for ARIA’s event attendees.  The attendees could not get enough of the flasks and the logo engraved on the flasks.  Our client stated, “the product along with the concept of a Russian roulette shot wall was a huge hit amongst our guests.”


Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group moved properties in 2015 and wanted to showcase the move with their partner holiday/end of year gifts.

Blue Man Group had a particular product idea and the Sky High team helped find the product, The Pyramid Clock, and realize its potential. Our contact with Blue Man Group explains, "We had an idea in mind and Sky High Marketing was able to make it come to life in the time frame we needed it. Our partners love them! Our show stays top of mind and it's a great conversation piece."

Custom Flash Drives

Reinvent the USB flash drive, creating a fun but functional piece for promotions or employee use.


USB memory devices are available in hundreds of styles, but most standard models follow a basic design. To stand out from the crowd a custom design is paramount. Sky High Marketing worked with our clients to create fun and memorable flash drives.

Touro University Nevada’s custom nurse and doctor USB drives were used as promotional giveaways – a great eye catcher for prospective students.

Southwest Gas has custom memory available to their employees in an exclusive online company store.

Whatever your application Sky High Marketing is ready to help with your custom USB memory project. Let us make your ideas come to life – or have our creative team design something special for you today!


Children's Museum

DISCOVERY Children's Museum in Las Vegas was in search of a light up medallion for their Royal Tea.  The team at Sky High found a mirrored medallion that has several light up functions. Sky High Marketing received positive feedback from their retail team.  They liked the fact that the medallion did not look cheap.

Contact Sky High Marketing today to help find the perfect giveaway item for your upcoming event!