Back to School - Stores!

Sayonara Summer

Though we might be a bit sad about saying good-bye to sun-drenched days at the beach, a fair, the zoo… the onset of the back to school season has an energized feeling. You can see it in the faces of the kids as they shop for the perfect folders and pencil boxes; there’s something exciting and contagious about anticipating and preparing for the school year. Summer has left us renewed and eager to get down to business.

Speaking of Business

A great way to kick off the school year is opening your own school store! Whether your school store is already an institution or a new start-up, Sky High Marketing can help make it great.

The Fundraiser

Generally run by school staff or PTO members, the fundraiser school store is a Spirit Shop (a version of the college bookstore) where pennants, apparel, water bottles, coffee mugs and other similar items are sold to students, staff, parents and friends. The Spirit Shop is generally open during school events and parent-teacher conferences to make the most of the target audience.

The Educator

Supervised by a volunteer (faculty or PTO member) this store is run by students. This provides a rich hands-on educational environment for students who learn lessons in math, marketing and customer service. The school store for curriculum enhancement is typically run during student lunch hours, free periods, recess, and sometimes before and after school.
You can visit: for more ideas!

Stocking the Store

Whether your store is geared for fundraising or curriculum enhancement, Sky High Marketing can provide you with shelves full of product to get your store started. Put your school logo or mascot on pencils, pens, erasers, Sharpie markers, or pom poms, pennants, plush toys and more. See our August/September Specials and our Featured Products for ideas with a sweet price tag. Let us help you go back to school!

Colleen M. Feldner, Marketing Coordinator