Seeing Clearly

Q. What do an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, Kindle, flat screen television or computer monitor, safety glasses, eye glasses, and sun glasses all have in common?

A. The clear, fragile and often handled glass through which we view the world.

Whether young or old your customer base uses one or more of these items every day. Now ask yourself: What are they are using to clean the screen of their tech or the lenses of their glasses?

Instead of reaching for a shirt tail or scarf – or worse, a paper napkin – they could be reaching for another brand impression.

Increase your reach by putting stunning full color microfiber cleaners into the hands, cars, purses and pockets of your customers. The soft, scratch-free microfiber fabric, vibrant full color graphics and huge variety of available sizes makes this an easy win for marketers.

The promotional possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started:
• Travel or tour companies, feature exotic vacation destinations
• Banks or healthcare organizations, show new or existing branch locations
• Dentists and doctors, put important contact information in easy reach
• Optometrist or Eyewear companies, a brand impression for every cleaning
• Champion your cause with event giveaways
• Fan giveaways for sports teams
• Launch a new product
• Colleges and Universities, feature campus landmarks and encourage connections

Help your customers, both young and old, see your brand clearly. They’ll thank you for it.

Microfiber screen cleaners are available in our online store at or contact us for more information today.

Welcome 2012

We’re ushering in the New Year with a host of new products as we continue to offer innovative ideas which help you promote your brand. This year you can expect to see new colors for items that have become standards in promotional products excellence and exciting new products that will bring a buzz to your marketing campaigns.

Check out this bright new product – just a taste of what’s in store for 2012.

Introducing the Incredible Gel Wax Highlighter

This amazing highlighter is sure to be a smash hit!

• Will not smear ink or bleed through paper
• Will not dry out if left uncapped
• Super smooth highlighting action

The gel wax highlighting stick lasts extra long and is advanced like lip balm by twisting the tube bottom. Promote your brand with this unique new product in 2012 and be seen on desktops everywhere.

The gel wax highlighter is available in yellow, pink, green, blue and orange. Find the collection in our web store at 10% off through January and February!

Update on USB Flash Drive Pricing

We are hearing from a number of our suppliers this week that pricing on these items has stabilized across the market. A few suppliers have even indicated a drop in pricing. Count on Sky High Marketing to use our extensive supplier base to find the right USB product for you at the right price. And remember that you can always find updates on pricing and other industry issues right here on the Sky High Marketing blog.

We look forward to serving your needs and helping you promote your brand.

Josh Kozinski, President

The Power of What We Do

As a busy Mom and the CFO of our company I’m always thinking about how to get the most for my money. If you have a limited budget for company marketing that’s exactly what you’re doing, too.

So, when I read last week that promotional products offer just about the best CPI (cost-per-impression) out there, beating prime-time TV, radio and print ads, I was really impressed. According to the 2010 Global Ad Specialty Impressions Study recently released, promotional products have a better return on investment than most other media!

Admittedly, it was the survey that made me sit up and take notice (more details on that in a minute), but when I thought about it I realized that - wow! It’s really true! Here’s the pen that I got from the bank that I keep in my purse, the travel mug from my insurance company (I love reusable things!) the water bottles my kids have from their school (that we take EVERYWHERE) the recyclable bag that I got from the Farmer’s Market that I take the grocery store with me every week, the lip balm from the doctor’s office! It’s all here and I use it all the time. And while I’m using it I’m seeing the name of the company or organization that I got it from, but better yet – SO IS EVERYONE AROUND ME.

Now here are the facts.

The survey was released by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) an organization made up of promotional products suppliers and distributors, of which Sky High Marketing is a proud member. Membership in ASI has a number of benefits for a distributor like us; one of the biggest is the educational opportunities. Our membership in this top organization highlights our credibility and commitment to our industry.

A couple of the survey conclusions that I found most interesting were:

  • Cost per Impression: In the U.S., the cost per impression of a promotional product stayed virtually the same from 2008 to 2010, at .005 cents.

  • "When compared to other forms of media like television or radio, promotional products are very affordable and effective. For a modest investment, a small company can obtain the type of exposure normally reserved for large companies with significant advertising budgets."

  • Product Usage: Bags have the highest number of impressions in a month, over 1,000. In fact, over one-third (36%) of those with incomes under $50,000 own bags.

  • Gender Preferences: Males are more likely than females to own shirts and caps, while females are more likely to have bags, writing instruments, calendars and health and safety products than males.

  • "Knowing the likely recipient of a promotional product is paramount for an advertiser. Decorating items that have special appeal to the end-user will mean the item gets used more often and held longer, extending the product’s life span and increasing the number of impressions it makes."

  • Popular Products: The most commonly owned promotional products among U.S. respondents are writing instruments (46%), followed by shirts (38%) and calendars (24%).

“Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ©2010, All Rights Reserved.”

Contact us if you would like to see the full survey – or if you’re ready to place your order!

Rachel Kozinski, CFO Sky High Marketing