Seeing Clearly

Q. What do an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, Kindle, flat screen television or computer monitor, safety glasses, eye glasses, and sun glasses all have in common?

A. The clear, fragile and often handled glass through which we view the world.

Whether young or old your customer base uses one or more of these items every day. Now ask yourself: What are they are using to clean the screen of their tech or the lenses of their glasses?

Instead of reaching for a shirt tail or scarf – or worse, a paper napkin – they could be reaching for another brand impression.

Increase your reach by putting stunning full color microfiber cleaners into the hands, cars, purses and pockets of your customers. The soft, scratch-free microfiber fabric, vibrant full color graphics and huge variety of available sizes makes this an easy win for marketers.

The promotional possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started:
• Travel or tour companies, feature exotic vacation destinations
• Banks or healthcare organizations, show new or existing branch locations
• Dentists and doctors, put important contact information in easy reach
• Optometrist or Eyewear companies, a brand impression for every cleaning
• Champion your cause with event giveaways
• Fan giveaways for sports teams
• Launch a new product
• Colleges and Universities, feature campus landmarks and encourage connections

Help your customers, both young and old, see your brand clearly. They’ll thank you for it.

Microfiber screen cleaners are available in our online store at or contact us for more information today.