Golf Outing Pointers - Participant Experience

In the first of our two part series on charity golf outings, we focused on leveraging sponsorship opportunities to lower your costs and increase the funds you raise.  In this post we’ll turn our attention to the golfers.

Keeping the Fun in Fundraising
Participants sign up for a fun day out of the office for a great cause.  As you build your golf outing from start to finish, make it easy on your guests.  Keep your tournament logistics straight forward, making things like the format, rules, and parings as simple to follow as possible.   Print up any pertinent information and place it in the golf carts.  Keep your guests relaxed and having fun with on-course contests and games, well-paired foursomes, and regularly appearing beverage cart.  Remember that you are asking golfers to open their wallets all day, starting with the entry fee, so be sure to focus on adding value for them without increasing your costs.

Course amenities – have the driving range and practice green open for your guests for the day.

Celebrity - station your organization's 'celebrities' around the course to host games like blackjack and socialize with guests.  If your pool of celebrity includes a top notch golfer, position them at one of the more difficult holes where they can offer to sub-in and take each foursome's first drive.

Mulligans – a mulligan is essentially a ‘do over,’ these can be sold at registration, which makes the day a little more relaxed for your golfers and adds easy donations to your tally.  You’ll need to decide if you will set a limit for how many each golfer can have, discuss this with your course.  Many groups offer balloons or rolls of lifesavers to represent the mulligan. Balloons add a spot of color to the festivities, but lifesavers have a higher perceived value for your golfers.  This is another great idea for sponsors to feature their logos and keep your costs down!

Packaging – Offer a package deal to early entrants with a wrist band purchase which could include raffle tickets, mulligans and contest entry for a set (reduced) price.

Details that Matter

  • First tee gifts – these are another opportunity for to add value for your golfers and for your sponsors to get visibility.  First tee gifts could be golf shirts, windshirts, or other golf related items.  A tournament kit is a great way to package several items together and offers added value.  Our kits are at a price point comparable to or below most golf shirts and can have a different sponsor logo on each item in the kit.  Visit our store for tournament kits and a few out of the box ideas.   

  • Gift bags – Packaging is an important detail that adds value to your golfer gifts and is a perfect branding opportunity both for your organization and your sponsors.  If you’re gifting golf shirts, put them in a bag – your staff and participants will appreciate the simplicity of distribution.  Put your outing logo and a sponsor logo on the bags, get your sponsor to split the cost with you!  If you’re gifting smaller items, think creatively and package them in an insulated tumbler – like our tournament kit – or a branded shoe bag.   Some gifts simply won’t fit in a bag or could be used as packaging themselves, like a small cooler.  In this case, offer your sponsors the chance to include a coupon or branded giveaway in a registration bag, or right in your gift item.

With a little creativity and good planning, you’ll have a successful outing to which golfers and sponsors will be clamoring to return next year!  Don’t forget to download our tournament timeline checklist.  You can also visit our online specialty shop to purchase your golfer gifts.  Sky High Marketing is ready to help you put your golf event on the map, and raise more cash for your cause than ever before.  Get started today!

Got Golf?

The Masters Tournament begins next week and Sky High Marketing has been running a weekly golf themed promotion to kick off the season (see the first two here: and here: Since our president, Josh Kozinski, is the chair for this year’s BMA Milwaukee golf outing I thought I’d share his insider look at the planning process.

Q. You have been meeting with your committee for several months already – what are some of the things that you’ve accomplished?

A. A lot of the basic logistics are out of the way now, things like the date, location and menu. We have our theme picked, logo created and our promotion plan in place with materials ready to help us get the word out.

Q. What tasks do you have ahead?

A. We need to start asking for raffle items and get them in the door. The golfer goodie bags still need some coordination. We are also driving for sponsorship and golfers. The logistics of the outing are pretty wrapped up; now it’s just a matter of getting sponsors and golfers.

Q. How are the sponsorship dollars shaping up?

A. It’s early days yet and we’re really only in the first stage of our drive. We set a goal of getting eighteen hole sponsors for this year. We’ve got three in and several more that we’re talking with. We’re optimistic that this will be a good year for sponsorship.

Q. What are the greatest challenges you face as a committee in the planning of the outing?

A. Well, I hesitate to say this, because we’re seeing some very positive trends in the marketplace, but the economy is still an issue when it comes to events like this. We’ve got a great program running this year, though, to make it easier on companies that want to sponsor which will help all of us meet our goals. We’re running an ‘Early Bird’ special for hole sponsors – anyone registering their sponsorship before June 1st will pay only $175.00 (a real bargain!) after June 1st the price tag rises to $250.00.

The second biggest challenge is really the market saturation for golf outings. In our area during the summer months most organizations run a golf outing – so we have to really put our efforts into giving sponsors and golfers a good reason to choose our outing. Something that helps with that is really knowing your market and not being afraid of your niche. This is the Business Marketing Association outing – there will be great opportunities to meet and network with area business leaders in this area during the event. We also theme the outing so that our participants get the most bang for their buck. It’s really great to see how creative our sponsors get with the theme each year and the participants have a lot of fun with it. Changing the theme up helps to keep the event fresh. It’s not just a run of the mill outing.

Q. What are your favorite things about chairing the golf committee?

A. It’s opened up some doors and been a good opportunity to meet other BMA members, to learn about their businesses and get them involved with the event.

Q. What part of the outing do you most enjoy?

A. Seeing people have a good time, being a part of the networking that goes on among members and guests – it’s very rewarding.

The Business Marketing Association (BMA) outing is scheduled for June 20, at the Mequon Country Club.

Colleen M. Feldner, Marketing Coordinator