Thinking Pink

Breast Cancer touches almost everyone.  Whether a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, coworker, or a teacher – most likely someone you know will be diagnosed.  In 2011 there were 230,480 new invasive cases of breast cancer* and 39,520 deaths.  Breast cancer accounts for 1 in 3 cancer cases for women in the United States, and 1 in 8 will develop the disease. Women who had early onset breast cancer (under 40 years in age at diagnosis) are 3 times more likely to develop subsequent cancers and 4.5 times more likely to have breast cancer return after initial treatment.

The importance of awareness
Survival rates are significantly higher when the cancer is detected in its earliest stages.  According to the American Cancer Society:

“Five-year relative survival is lower among women with a more advanced stage at diagnosis. …, 5-year relative survival is 99% for localized disease, 84% for regional disease, and 23% for distant-stage disease. Larger tumor size at diagnosis is also associated with decreased survival.”

Raising money through Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns helps organizations to:
  •     Reduce risk by educating women on risk factors.
  •     Support early detection for all women.
  •     Fund research for cures, causes and treatment.
  •     Advocate for better quality care for all women.

Answering the call
Strengthen your October Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign with giveaways that carry the cause (and your logo) forward.  Sky High Marketing has awareness themed giveaways for any event, sized to fit any budget.

Pink promotions that move

Walking, running or biking, this water bottle-bracelet combination will fit the bill.  Or warm up with the insulated tumbler option!  If you’re looking for an item for a slimmer budget, lip balm will give your awareness message legs.

Desktop promotions

Pink ribbon sticky notes, flashy pens, antibacterial gel and even pencils are just right for office campaigns.

Taking the message home

Spread the word with ribbon shaped magnet clips, large flexible car magnets, or a pink fleece blanket.

Creative thinking

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, check out these products for a unique, memorable awareness campaign.

More pink
If you like one of the items you saw here – or want to discuss finding the perfect pink piece for your campaign – give us a call right now.

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*all quotes and statistics are courtesy of the American Cancer Society publication Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2011-2012. Atlanta: American Cancer Society, Inc.

When is a Photo Frame Not a Photo Frame?

Alone, photo frames are great giveaways.  They have a high perceived value and will typically be put where your branding will be seen everyday.  However, photo frames become powerful promotional tools when the space inside the frame is used for a special offer or advertisement. 

Maximize recipient satisfaction with an insert, instead of one gift you’ve given two.  Use the opportunity for promotion, to get the word out where your message is certain to be seen.  Generate brand loyalty and ROI.  The ‘feel good’ quotient of a special offer engenders loyalty.

Repeat and new business is generated when recipients cash in their special offer.

How you use the space is limited only by your imagination.  For example you could:

  • Offer new customers a discount on their first order or visit.
  • Reward your best customers with special pricing.
  • Announce a new product or service.
  • Give a gift with purchase upon redemption.

Whenever you give away a promotional item, use the opportunity to plan the next interaction with your customer – ask yourself, how do you want recipients to respond to the giveaway?

From photo frames to apparel and everything in between, Sky High Marketing is your source with the marketing experience to help you get the most from your promotions.  Get started now - contact us to place your order today.

Nurses Week

With more than 3.1 million registered nurses, nursing is America’s largest healthcare profession.  Nurses place themselves on the front lines of patient care, staffing 24 hour call lines, triaging pediatric patients (and their parents), and caring for even the most basic needs of our elderly.  They go to war with our soldiers and continue to care for veterans when they come home.  Each year the week of May 6-12 is set aside as National Nurses Week, a time to celebrate nurses’ calling to care.
The week begins with National Registered Nurse day (May 6,) celebrates Student Nurses Day (May 8,) School Nurse Day (May 9,) and culminates with International Nurses Day on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightengale, the founder of modern nursing.  For a full history of Nurses Week visit the American Nurses Association. The theme for Nurses Week 2012 is, Nurses: Advocating, Leading, Caring.

Celebration Suggestions

Promote a positive image of registered nurses by sponsoring health fairs, conducting preventive screenings in underserved areas, organizing a walk-a-thon, etc.

  • These events are the perfect opportunity for a give away.  Check out our Healthcare Store for things like mini first aid kits, lip balm, and children’s items. 

Obtain support from other nursing and health care organizations in your area by asking them to sponsor National RN Recognition Day and/or National Nurses Week and to hold a joint event with your organization.

  • Pair the water bottle and tote bag in our exclusive Nurses Week Store for a smashing duo with double the brand power.

Hold a special celebration or reception to recognize a nurse or several nurses in your community. These nurses could be honored for heroic acts, years of service to the community, exemplary courage, or their commitment to the nursing profession over the years.

If you haven’t planned your celebration yet, or need some ideas for additions to your event, the American Nurses Association has a wealth of resources.

Sky High Marketing is ready to help, too.  Whether you’re looking for gifts to give to nurses within your organization or for promotional materials for a display, we have a hand picked selection at our lowest prices of the year, just for Nurses Week.   Visit our store right now to see the entire selection, available for a limited time.

Seeing Clearly

Q. What do an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, Kindle, flat screen television or computer monitor, safety glasses, eye glasses, and sun glasses all have in common?

A. The clear, fragile and often handled glass through which we view the world.

Whether young or old your customer base uses one or more of these items every day. Now ask yourself: What are they are using to clean the screen of their tech or the lenses of their glasses?

Instead of reaching for a shirt tail or scarf – or worse, a paper napkin – they could be reaching for another brand impression.

Increase your reach by putting stunning full color microfiber cleaners into the hands, cars, purses and pockets of your customers. The soft, scratch-free microfiber fabric, vibrant full color graphics and huge variety of available sizes makes this an easy win for marketers.

The promotional possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started:
• Travel or tour companies, feature exotic vacation destinations
• Banks or healthcare organizations, show new or existing branch locations
• Dentists and doctors, put important contact information in easy reach
• Optometrist or Eyewear companies, a brand impression for every cleaning
• Champion your cause with event giveaways
• Fan giveaways for sports teams
• Launch a new product
• Colleges and Universities, feature campus landmarks and encourage connections

Help your customers, both young and old, see your brand clearly. They’ll thank you for it.

Microfiber screen cleaners are available in our online store at or contact us for more information today.