Hot item – wrap up and relax!

I’ll admit, this is not actually a ‘new’ item – you’ve seen these before on those rare nights when you happen to be up much too late… what IS new is the ability to put your logo on it!

Maybe you’re hesitant about an ‘as seen on TV’ product, but let me tell you – this blanket is fantastic. When I opened up my sample in my office last week, it looked so tempting I could hardly resist putting it right on! No one can ever have enough blankets lying around their house, but this is the one that will be the most used – excellent visibility for your brand. This ‘snuggie,’ or TV blanket, is so versatile anyone can use it! The sleeves are roomy and it’s extra long so it will always cover your feet. The sleeves are truly the best feature. On a chilly night they are perfect for relaxing hugging a warm cup of mocha, coffee or hot chocolate. Or, if you’re like me and you like to keep busy even while the TV is on, those sleeves keep you cozy while you clip coupons, keep in touch with your social networks, or other ‘lazy’ work.

This winter, let your employees or your clients know that you appreciate them – with a luxurious TV blanket! Contact us to get your order started.

Tanya Busse, Sky High Marketing