The Milwaukee Bucks came roaring into the first round of the NBA playoffs this spring, and Sky High Marketing got a chance to be a part of the action.

On April 24th, the Bucks played the Atlanta Hawks in Milwaukee's home-opener for the first round. The sold out game was a triumph for the Bucks, an unexpected trouncing for the Hawks. The final score: 107-89 to bring the series 2-1, after losing the first two in Atlanta.

Just five days prior to game day, the Bucks called on Sky High Marketing to provide 20,000 rally towels for the hometown fans who would pack the Bradley Center. Sky High delivered the towels on the eve of game day, giving Bucks personnel just under 24 hours to drape a towel over every seat in the house.

I was given early access to the arena minutes before the doors opened to ticket holders. My job: get a glimpse of the Bradley Center before the roof was blown off. Check out our video and see how 18,600 seats, 18,600 rally towels, and 18,600 energized fans transformed the stadium.

It was a great game, the Bucks played like champions. The atmosphere was intense, the noise deafening. The Bucks started out hot and never let their foot off the gas, leaving the Hawks reeling – with help from wild fans and little red towels.

Stay tuned – next year could be even better!

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Brian Matzat, Graphic Artist