100% Guaranteed – No Joke

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee at Sky High Marketing is something I’ve always strongly believed in. We demand high quality product and service from our suppliers so that our customers get the best products and prompt corrections if something isn’t right. I place the same demands on myself and my customer service staff; we work hard to see that you get more than you’re looking for at every turn.

It’s easy to see our guarantee in action when something has gone wrong with an order and we have the chance to make it right. But that’s only part of what the guarantee means in the daily operation of Sky High Marketing.

Recently I received a letter from one of our Las Vegas area clients, Southwest Gas, that illustrated what our 100% guarantee means for our customers on a regular basis. Southwest Gas wrote to commend us at Sky High Marketing for helping them to meet their “on time delivery performance goal.” Southwest Gas recognizes that they need to be able to rely on dependable service from suppliers and to that end they’ve established a company-wide goad, “On time deliveries are expected to be equal to or greater than 95%.” I’m proud to say that the delivery performance for Sky High Marketing is at 100%.

That’s what our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means to me – to all of us at Sky High Marketing. It means that every day we work to meet your goals, 100% of the time.

I deeply appreciate Southwest Gas for recognizing our level of service. I look forward to continuing our partnership, and receiving many more letters with that bold 100% in the center paragraph.

When you’re ready to partner with a company where each member of the team really understands what 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed means, contact me to set up an appointment.

Josh Kozinksi, President