In Other News…

Cotton Prices Continue to Climb

Our suppliers are keeping us updated on the rising cost of cotton in the futures market. In an update we received today, we learned that late last week cotton prices rose again to more than $2.00 a pound. When trading resumes tomorrow, after the President’s Day holiday, traders are bracing for large price fluctuations.

One expert explains: “The global shortage has been aggravated by devastating flooding last year in Pakistan, one of the world’s leading producers; a lower-than-expected harvest in China, where farmers are also hoarding supplies in expectation of even higher prices; and export restrictions in India, another important producer. In the US, the largest cotton exporter, most of last year’s plentiful crop has been sold.”

So, how do you keep your shirt as retailers warn about raising prices in response to the market? Stay tuned for updates here on the Sky High Marketing blog to keep ahead of the curve. Be prepared and place apparel orders early to avoid getting caught in the next price hike.

Preview Las Vegas 2011

We had a blast at Preview Las Vegas two weeks ago. Our ‘Guess the Flavor’ lip balm contest was a hit and we had a great time visiting with everyone who took time to stop by our booth. We also got to take our new trade show display out for the first time – it really made an impact. Contact us for creative items for your next trade show. And don’t forget to stop by our Facebook Page to see the photos we posted. While you’re there, click the “Like” button!

Efficiency Tools

If you’ve ever wondered if an online company store is just what your organization needs to more efficiently manage your corporate collateral, then now is the time to read company president Josh Kozinski’s blog on The latest installment of his series “Why an online company store is right for you” was posted last week. If you haven’t already, it’s time to read all about it!

Colleen M. Feldner, Marketing Coordinator

Cotton Prices Beginning to Affect Major Manufacturers

Gildan announced on Friday, January 7th, that effective immediately, they would enact a price increase. Gildan sites that the increase is largely due to the rapidly increasing cost of raw materials, especially cotton. This is a trend that Sky High Marketing has been following recently (see our October 29 blog) and our suppliers indicate that they expect other mills to follow Gildan’s lead. The average Gildan price increase is approximately 7-10%. Please check our blog out for the most up to date information concerning this issue.

Josh Kozinksi, President

Cotton Prices Hit 140-Year High

Cotton trading has surged over 65% this year. A string of bad harvests and demand from China have sparked worries of a global shortfall, leaving prices at the highest level since the Civil War. (Yes, I said the CIVIL War, as in 1863.)

Prices for Gildan, Hanes, Port & Company and Jerzees products will increase beginning Monday, November 1. But the real news is that an end to the rising cost of cotton does not seem to be in sight. Our suppliers monitor yarn costs and supply daily and expect price increases to continue in the coming months.

If you are planning to purchase cotton apparel in the near future and into the New Year, I would suggest you consider moving up your buying timeline. With prices on the rise, this is your chance to lock in the price of your cotton shirts before the next increase hits.

Ken Maltby, Sky High Marketing