New Product Review: LED Shoe Safety Light

Summer nights are pretty spectacular, aren’t they? Here in the Midwest we wait all year for the opportunity to stay out later and enjoy the warm summer breezes long after the sun begins to set. That’s why this cool little wearable LED light is so fabulous. You can stay safe while enjoying the nighttime walks, jogs, or other activities summer has to offer. We took ours camping and it was really great to have while walking or jogging on the trails later at night (or early in the morning for the early-risers in my family!)

It has a flashing light feature so that it is really easy to see you on any roadway or running trail. It’s safe and smart. And all you have to do is simply clip it onto the back of your shoe—you won’t even know it’s there because it is lightweight and doesn’t squish your heel.
It would make a great promotional item or giveaway, don’t you think? Imagine your company logo on it to market at an evening event such as fireworks, a BBQ, or a company camp out, just to name a few. For this and other summertime items, contact us at

Happy Summer!