Popular Promotional Items

Looking for a fun and unique way to promote your business or organization? Promotional products continue to drive sales and build relationships with hardly any extra effort on your part. These fun, trendy items are worth checking out!

Tech Gear: Through the latest in technological advancements, we are seeing some pretty awesome tech promotional products. Many companies are using fun flash drives in all shapes and sizes, or charging hubs as useful promotional pieces. Other items that we’ve seen that might peak some interest in your tech-loving customers include wearable tech, power banks, water-resistant speakers, phone sling grips and even drones!

Every Day Items: More and more, we are finding that companies and organizations are looking to use quality, useful items that people will use every day. Items such as pens, drinkware and totes continue to be popular. Apparel will continue to be a very popular way to promote your brand—everything from your youth team sports and shoes to company fleece jackets and beyond. 

Health and Fitness Products: Items that promote health and wellness are also popular, especially for corporations in the healthcare industry or other related fields. We love these cooling towels or water bottles for the summer months. We also have a number of apparel items perfect for health and fitness. Dri-fit, raglan jerseys and athletic wear are a great way to promote health and wellness with your customers or employees.

Environmentally conscious products: As the focus continues to grow on how to be more environmentally friendly, we have noticed many clients purchasing items that reflect those values. Many companies choose tote bags and coolers as an eco-friendly giveaway. Checkout our line of biodegradable, organic, recycled or sustainable products!

Fun and Fresh: Of course, people will remember a fun, quirky item they received as a promotional piece. These items will get people talking about you and your business. Some fun ones we like include Emoji squeezeballs, Rubik’s cubepower chargers and creative putty.