Current Trends: What's Hot in the Promo Industry

One of the questions our clients ask us on a daily basis is "What's hot right now?". Its a great question - after all who wants to spend marketing dollars on a dull campaign? Four months into the year, we have great insight to share as you look to ramp up your summer promotions.

Below are some of 2014's hottest movers and shakers in the promo industry:

iWallet - One of the biggest hits of the year so far has to be the iWallet. A simple concept - a small silicone pocket with an adhesive back is sized perfectly to fit on the back of a smartphone and hold a few credit cards. Because of its small size, low price, and high visibility, our clients have had huge success with this product.
Mason Jar Tumbler - Every year we see one drinkware piece take off. Last year, we told you about the red solo cup. This year's hottest drinkware product is the mason jar tumbler. Hot in the service industry, mason jars can be found in bars and restaurants across the country. Now they are available in a shatterproof acrylic and can be branded!
Clear Tote Bag - Security continues to be a major concern at events - and most notably, the NFL has taken steps to ensure the safety of its spectators. The clear tote bag is a great item to hand out at events where carry-ins are an issue. It also makes a great beach bag!
Portable Charger -  The tech industry has grown tremendously over the last couple years thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Keeping your devices charged always ends up being a challenge. Enter the portable charger. Using the USB cable from your smartphone or tablet, this charger contains an internal battery to keep your devices charged wherever you are!