Flash Drive Pricing Volatile

It is extremely important for us to keep our clients informed. After all, it makes our job easier when we can speak the same lingo we use internally with our customers! That being said, we wanted to pass along some information we've received from our partners overseas.

A large fire at the world's second largest producer of memory chips in early September has consumer electronics prices rising steeply. While the factory expects to re-open in October, it will take some time for supply to catch back up with demand.

What does this mean for the consumer? It means for many electronics that use memory, from PCs to flash drives, expect to see a price increase until a normal supply level is reached. Analysts are expecting price increases throughout Q4 2013. As a supplier of flash drive to many of our clients, we know this will cause more than a few headaches. Rest assured that we will work within your budget to find you the right solution for your flash drive project.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us and we'll help in any way we can.

Read more about the fire here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-23/chip-prices-reach-two-year-high-after-sk-hynix-fire-in-china.html