Color me Classic: Spotlight on Design Series

Announcing a new blog series: In our ‘Spotlight on Design Series’ Sky High Marketing’s design team will showcase a project completed for one of our clients.

I was recently tasked with creating a new hoodie design for Titletown Brewing Company. Titletown is a restaurant and brewery located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Located in a building that was an 1800’s railroad depot, Titletown Brewing Company has been a staple of the city for almost 15 years. An illustration of the depot is a prominent feature of their logo, which provided a focal point for my design.

In order to keep production costs down, I challenged myself to come up with a two spot color design that looked like it used more. When I think of Titletown, the word classic comes to mind. The name, the location, really everything about Titletown. The stage was set, I needed a classic, two color design that utilized the depot logo.

Breaking down the design, starting with color: A dark brownish red color for the depot and text, coupled with a dark navy hoodie has patriotism in mind. The typeface is reminiscent of posters from the early 1900’s. The white fill surrounding the illustration is used for contrast. I applied a varying amount of opacity to allow some of the hoodie’s color to show through, creating more depth throughout the design. The design was then distressed to further ingrain the classic feel. Finally, I chose a tagline that was straightforward and simple, yet effective. The end result captured the essence of Titletown.

Brian Matzat, Lead Graphic Artist