Sack it to me

How we ‘do lunch’ has been a hot topic recently. In 2008, as the recession went from bad to worse, articles and blogs began to pop up touting the ‘brown bag lunch’ as an effective way to reduce costs. As 2009 deepens and the kids flock back to schools, we’re all wondering just how long it will take to get around the bend and into an economic recovery. The mid-day meal is back in the spotlight as we look for money-saving measures to help slim down our budgets and ride it out just a little bit longer.

Savings that add up

Taking your lunch to work could save you as much as $100 a month, depending on where you live and what you typically purchase. In areas where prepared food is more expensive, like New York City, you could save as much as $2,475 a year. That’s a lot of change! It’s becoming fashionable to be frugal – the results of a Harris Interactive, Inc. poll released in June 2009 find that “just under half (47%) of Americans are brown-bagging lunch instead of purchasing it.”

Waist not, want not

Eating healthy in a restaurant setting is getting easier these days, but it still can’t compare to building your own lunch. Portion control, carb control, fat and calorie control – all in your hands. Keeping your girlish figure, well, girlish, certainly makes dollars and sense.

Saving your green is ‘green.’

A lot of green choices can cost a lot of money (rotating composters and rain barrels, for example) but taking your lunch to work isn’t one of them. Get yourself a reusable lunch sack and start packing up leftovers! Or, visit your local farmers’ market for fresh veggies and greens to brighten your day. Carrying your lunch IN can support green farming in your area and reduce your own waste.

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Colleen M. Feldner, Marketing Team Member