Doing More with Less

In the current economic climate all of us are being asked to do more with less. This can be difficult especially when it comes to meeting our marketing objectives. It takes a healthy budget to be able to do a sound job of branding with our different marketing initiatives.

We are definitely seeing this as it pertains to our clients promotional investing as well. Clients are looking to do the same job of branding with a more limited budget. We have responded to this by including closeouts and special offers from our suppliers in our newsletters. Feedback to these areas of our newsletters has been great and we will continue this section moving forward. If you would like a current list of our specials you can email our customer service department at

In closing, I would like to share a thought. Recently, we had a client come to us with half of their normal promotional budget for a tradeshow. The client assumed that they would still buy the same quantity of products, but this year look for items that were half the price of what they spent in previous years. After meeting with them we came up with a plan to spend the same amount of money on the item, but only do half of the quantity that was purchased in year’s past. This year they would be more selective of the individuals who would receive the giveaway. After the tradeshow, the client informed us that the tradeshow generated just as many good leads as in previous years. A little extra thought on the front-end made all of the difference!

Sky High Marketing CFO
Rachel Kozinski