Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Create A Company Store

I recently came across this article within our industry and thought that the content might help those of you who are considering a company store:

The following are the top five reasons why companies create an online company store to help manage their promotional products and corporate apparel:
1. To control their branding: brand abuse is out of control, they have no system of protection for their brand
2. To simplify their corporate apparel program: apparel selection and ordering is messy and requires too much administration
3. To centralize their location: they have no organized system to easily see and purchase the branded products
4. To control their purchasing: product purchasing is fragmented, no purchasing leverage and little organizational control
5. To minimize administration: too much energy duplicated across multiple locations to create similar branded products and delivery channels

You can reduce this list down to three simple words: speed, power and control. Speed is important in getting branded materials into the hands of the people that need them the most, quickly. Power is critical because a large organization needs a scalable, robust eCommerce solution that can handle virtually any branded product. Control is imperative. Maintaining brand consistency and providing easier ways to track departmental purchases are critical components to a healthy store.

The bottom line is, within most large organizations, the internal staff is spending too much time procuring and organizing material for their brand; the creative capital of these employees is best spent on mission-critical objectives, (i.e., selling, communications, market development, etc.). A company store provides the perfect vehicle to save time and simplify what is normally a complicated process. Understanding these issues will help you sell and help your clients manage profitable online company stores.

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Josh Kozinski