Five Products Every College Student Needs


If you work with colleges and universities, then you've surely been asked for the latest and greatest products that will resonate with this new generation of students. Of course you want to pick a giveaway that's going to quickly catch a student's eye as he or she signs up for an on-campus dining plan or joins a club or special-interest group, but you also want a product that the recipient is actually going to hold on to and use. Any sound promotional strategy is looking for both initial impact and significant impressions over time.

So without further ado, we give you the 2019 promotional products that sure to land on the dean's list semester after semester:


1. A Backpack That Makes A Difference

Parkland bags and backpacks have exteriors made completely from recycled plastic bottles.  Plastic waste reduction and recycling issues are front and center on nearly every campus. 


2. A Tee That Stands Out

The t-shirt is one of the all-time classic giveaways campus. No student can't resist a free shirt. The ultra-soft Monroe t-shirt scores major points and gets repeated wears thanks to a trendy V-neck and eye-catching contrast pocket. 


3. Easy Charging Without Wires

This one's a no-brainer. College students live on their phones and they need an easy, convenient way to power up. Wireless chargers are cutting-edge, economical and deliver serious brand impressions.

Shop:    Lanyards

Shop: Lanyards

4. Lanyards With A Twist

There's no question that students love lanyards for keeping their IDs and keys handy. How about a lanyard that doubles as a charging cable? Have we mentioned that college students spend a lot of time on their phones and keeping them charged is essential? 

Shop:  The Sherpa

5. Keeps Your Coffee Hot and Your Can Cold

The Sherpa is a tailgating essential. What student couldn't use an insulated tumbler that doubles as a can insulator?